Adam Csatary
Vocals,  guitar
Miklos Pardy
Bass guitar
Tamas Feher
Solo guitar, synth
Mate Hidas

MADMIKE is a 4-piece rock band founded in Budapest late 2018. They mix post-punk, surf rock and garage rock, but their universe is always expanding. The group consists of Adam Csatary on guitar and vocals, Miklos Pardy on bass, Tamas Feher on guitar and synth and Mate Hidas on drums.

Since their first appearance in Dürer they played in some of the most famous venues in Budapest such as A38 Ship and PONTOON. They got their first invitation to the Campus festival (located in Debrcen, HU) after 4 months of their first concert.

During the autumn/winter season of 2019-2020 the band focused on touring in Hungary: they played at Pécs – Szabadkikötő, Debrecen – Nagyerdei víztorony, Baja – Armstrong, Szeged – Gin Tonic and they did their first anniversary concert in Budapest at ROBOT.

During this tour they released several songs: „Moonlight Game” (October 2019),
Memory Lane (November 2019) and Daydreaming (February 2020) and also recorded a new album called „Are you dreamer?” to be released during the Summer of 2020. The album incorporates a lot of new elements compared to the group’s previously known sound and telling a story about wandering around in the night while having dreams and nightmares.